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"纸片+"《中华美德·崇正义》:以仁安人 以义正我

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In traditional Chinese value, the meaning of “zhengyi” is a combination of “zheng” and “yi”.


“Zheng” possesses the meaning of “legitimate, appropriate and fair”, and “yi” means legitimate, should, suitable and the like.

??? 在中国传统道德生活中,“正义”思想主要包括以下几个内涵:

??? In traditional Chinese morals, “zhengyi” thought contains mainly the following connotations:

1. 坚持天下为公的精神和人人平等的社会关系

First, to uphold the spirit of the whole world as one community and everyone is equal.

2. 坚持道义,重义轻利的正义精神

Second, to uphold justice spirit of valuing morality and ignoring interest

3. 积极履行人作为社会一员的道德义务和责任

Third, to perform moral duty and responsibility as a member of the society


In the long process of history, “respect of zhengyi” has been deeply integrated into national blood and has become a value applied daily by ancient Chinese without being aware of it.


It not only emphasizes “rule the country by justice” in governing, but also thinks highly of all aspects in daily life, requiring a correct attitude toward life.


In history, it advocates more and more people with lofty ideals. Their noble spirit is a significant part of traditional Chinese culture with eternal value beyond the era.


Respecting of “zhengyi” is not only the basic elements of traditional Chinese values, but also the root of socialist core values nowadays.


Its connotation is connected with “equality and justice” in socialist core values.



Nowadays, the meanings of “zhengyi”are endowed by new era mainly include:

1. 正气。为国家的富强继承和发扬见义勇为,重义轻利的传统道德精神。

First, uprightness. To inherit and carry forward traditional moral spirit of bravery and valuing morality for the prosperity of country.

2. 平等。在社会生活中要更多地学会自主自立,通过平等和真诚的合作,实现个人的奋斗目标。

Second, equality. We should be independent in the society and reach our goals by equality and sincere cooperation.

3. 奉献。在日常工作中兢兢业业、鞠躬尽瘁;在国家存亡的危机时刻,勇于挺身而出,保家卫国。

Third, sacrifice. We should devote to our work and defend our country when it is the defining moment of a country.


It is a significant step to carry forward Chinese traditional value of respect of “zhengyi” in cultivating and developing socialist core values at present.


It is proved that a nation could unite together and fear nothing when it has the spirit of zhengyi;


A society could insist on correct politics direction and keep the development of economy and society when it possesses the spirit of zhengyi;


A citizen could be a noble man and work hard when he or she owns the spirit of zhengyi.


Since ancient times, common rules and basic values of human civilization develops in the core of “zhengyi”, which emphasis the relationship between person and community and enjoy eternal meaning in keeping any country and society work well.


“Respect of zhengyi” is not only value pursuit of Chinese nation, but also the common pursuit of human society, which is a significant guarantee of human civilization’s development.